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Kathy & Randy Pozos


Marketing & Social Media for Health and Human Services

For over 30 years, Randy and Kathy Pozos have offered health and human services providers a broad range of successful business planning and market development strategies. We employ intelligent, creative approaches to connect people to create desired futures. We monitor trends in social policy, health insurance, wellness, medical devices, the Latino Future, online education, and social media community building to help small business owners and non-profits create and market innovative programs and solutions for the challenges of today’s world.

Advanced Knowledge Resources, Inc. — Connecting People to Create a Better Future!

Medical Practice Promotion

AKR offers marketing communication and social media programs for healthcare practices. Read more on Medical Practice Promotion

Health and Wellbeing

With over 30 years of experience in the design and promotion of health and wellbeing services, AKR brings a wealth of experience to to field.Read more on Health and Wellbeing services

Global Citizenship

AKR believes that education and social justice are essential elements in the creation of desired futures for peoples around the world. To that end, we include among our initiatives the practical support of organizations serving the under-represented in our society.Read more on Global Citizenship


About Us

Anthropologists, Randolfo Pozos and Kathleen Brewer de Pozos bring the tools of social science and their broad base of experience in multiple disciplines to create solutions for challenges in health care and human services. “Connecting People to Create a Better Future” is our trademark, whether it be in the planning and design of outpatient health care services, or the uses of social media to promote medical practices, or reforms in foster care for Native American children. If it is something new and exciting on the forefront of developments, such as robotic surgery or online education, you will find us there – about 5 years ahead of everyone else!




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