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Things to Look Out For: Finding Hidden Sugar

Things to Look Out For: Finding Hidden Sugar

Trying to avoid sugar can be difficult if you don’t know all of the names for it on food labels. gives a good list in the Many Names of Sugar.

  • sucrose — glucose and fructose
  • fructose — also called levulose
  • glucose — monosacharide simple sugar, most important in the blood
  • dextrose — another name for glucose
  • galactose — monosacharide simple sugar, important in blood cell type
  • lactose — milk’s sugar
  • maltose — made up of two units of glucose
  • invert sugar — honey, a mixture of glucose and fructose
  • raw sugar — minimally processed raw sugar
  • turbinado sugar — pure cane sugar extract
  • brown sugar — sucrose and molasses or refined white cane sugar with molasses
  • confectioner’s sugar — fine sugar with an anti-caking agent; made from milled white sugar
  • granulated sugar — milled white table sugar
  • corn syrup — glucose and maltose
  • high-fructose corn syrup — produced by converting some of the glucose in cornstarch to fructose
  • corn sugar — made from corn starch, is mainly glucose
  • honey – invert sugar, an equal mixture of fructose and glucose
  • maple syrup — mainly sucrose
  • molasses — by-product of refining sugar from beets and sugar cane
  • agave syrup — produced from agave cactus, has very high fructose content, higher than high fructose corn syrup!


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