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Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Addressing the “sustainability gap” resultant from lack of access to quality educational opportunities is uniquely possible in online settings. In a world increasingly connected by the Internet, online training and education fill an educational niche that formal classroom settings can’t reach. Whether through workshops with a live presenter or digital slide presentations, Randy and Kathy invite you to join the learning community of people who refuse to stop learning just because they can’t go “Back to School” at this point in their lives.

Featured Classes and Educational Programs:

Grammar Café 2.0 – advanced English grammar and composition review for college Sophomores and Juniors

The Short Version: Environmental Science, Policy, and Society in 1, 2, 3 – an online environmental studies course for high school students. Meets California standards in Science and Social Studies.

Currently Under Development:

 A Guide to Practice Development – A downloadable guide for healthcare provider use in planning a Practice Development plan.

New to Management – Training Program for New Business Leaders A customizable series of courses for employers to use in the orientation and training of new hires and employees promoted to management.

AKR licenses the use of Baja Education’s online educational platform BioEspresso™ to plan, design, and conduct education and training. For more information about BioEspresso™ visit


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