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Literalist approaches to religion ignore the major bodies of knowledge which gave birth to scientific thinking in the West. Non-intellectual approaches to  culture, society and religion often complicate public policy decisions, such as funding for science and public health programs.

In response to this challenge, AKR has developed a web 2.0 discovery engine for trusted information in theology, philosophy, and religious studies. Standard search engines bring up millions of hits per search. AKR’s Theologika discovery engine serves up items that have been recommended by trusted authorities.

Theologika tries to bridge the gap between the general public and experts in theology, philosophy, religious studies, and the social and behavioral sciences by providing a public meeting place for “scribes instructed in the kingdom of heaven” to meet with people of good will – believers or not.

Theologika is meant to be a haven from the sound and fury in our lives and on the internet regarding questions of Christian belief and lifestyle. It is a place of thoughtful and prayerful retreat to learn calmly what trusted thought leaders have had to say from the earliest days of Christianity to the present.

Our goal is to help you find the best information from trusted authorities across the centuries and the globe. Read more …

The Catholic Church, with a worldwide membership of over 1 billion members, is confronted with major challenges and also has a tremendous capability to continue to address the soci0-economic needs of low income people and the broader human questions posed by secular, high-tech society.

Although still in development,, designed to be a sister site to, will be a source for information such as best practices in parish ministry and worship, preaching, social outreach, gang prevention, prison ministry, housing, refugee relief and relocation, family services, and outreach to the GLTB community. The focus of the site is to foster and encourage the progressive changes initiated by the Second Vatican Council: lay participation in governance, gender equality, and transparency, among other initiatives.

What’s working in the parishes and what’s not? What’s working and what’s not in social outreach and community service? We’d love to hear from you about what you’ve seen and learned about how to make ministry, liturgy, the spiritual life, and community outreach come alive for members of Catholic parishes and other mainstream Christian communities. Visit us at …


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