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Healthy Fun Holidays

Healthy Fun Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and other winter holidays are supposed to be happy, joyous times. That expectation can be a big problem with real people and real family situations.

Some tips for Happy Holidays:

1. Be good to yourself. Avoid toxic people and situations. You don’t “have to” endure sessions with well-intentioned or not-so-well-intentioned family members or office mates. If you feel you can’t get out of a coming event, practice ways of coping or deflecting the conversation. Always plan an escape route to another part of the house or to another event.

2. If you are fortunate to have a wonderful family, don’t overdo it with all kinds of plans and activities. Find ways to reduce time and stress preparing food. Plan some relaxing time. To avoid getting trapped indoors, schedule a hike, go for a drive, attend a movie or concert.

3. Try to keep yourself and the children on a regular schedule with your regular times for going to sleep and getting up. Make breakfast time fun and relaxed. Avoid bouts of temper and problems with the children and others by making sure that they get enough water to drink and a good amount of time playing. This is especially important for the adults.

4. Celebrate your faith if you are religious. Many who are not affiliated with a religion consider themselves spiritual. Even secular atheists attest to their belief in helping others and making the world a better place. Being mindful, with time for meditation, reflection, and good music, helps everyone regardless of their beliefs.

5. Watch out for alcohol and office parties and alcohol in general. Sleep-deprived, sugar-stuffed people are a wreck waiting to happen when it comes to alcohol. Jobs can be lost or careers ruined due to indiscreet remarks or actions at holiday parties. Be sure to have a designated driver to avoid being the cause of a holiday tragedy.

6. Envision a happy and beautiful time. Create a beautiful self-fulfilling prophecy for yourself and your loved ones that is grounded in reality. Plan your time carefully for rest, relaxation, and enjoying the people who mean the most to you. If you know of someone who may be alone for the holidays, reach out and try to include them.

7. Alone for the holidays? Have you lost someone special and this is your first Christmas without them? Volunteer to help others at soup kitchens, food banks, or various community causes. Join groups that guide visitors through museums or state parks. Be sure to get support and work with a counselor if necessary.

8. No one feels on top of the world everyday. Watch your diet, stay hydrated, move, and be thankful. It is really as simple as that.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season with many blessings,

Randy & Kathy Pozos
Your Editors.


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