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Political Capital Well Spent

Rachel Maddow, on her show for November 1, 2010, took some time to review what President Obama and the 111th Congress have accomplished in the past two years. It was a truly impressive list of legislation designed to:

  • correct injustices,
  • reduce taxes,
  • rebuild the economy,
  • rein in the cost of health care (read: also of Medicare) by making it available to more people,
  • provide improved benefits for veterans,
  • reform the financial industry,
  • rescue the banking industry,
  • rescue the auto industry,
  • support home ownership,
  • build in more solid support for the long term survival of Social Security,
  • reform the student aid program, 
  • provide consumer protections including new regulations of the credit card industry, 
  • reduce the federal deficit, and
  • otherwise build a stronger nation.

Most amazingly, all of this was accomplished while lowering taxes for the vast majority of Americans and actually reducing the federal deficit. Not a bad set of accomplishments for two short years!

The transcript of her show is available here:

 We all owe a big “Thank You” to all the brave men and women who have risked so much opposition and even hatred to move our country forward and maintain our leadership role in the world.


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